Consolidate Disparate Radiology Systems Into A Single Unified Reading Environment

6 Key Components of a Unified Radiology Platform

Canopy Partners is an independent IT services and systems integration organization, not a product vendor.  If your group is looking for a systems integrator to make all of your deconstructed technologies work seamlessly,  our firm specializes in developing and supporting integrated workflow solutions that work together seamlessly.  Our clients include hospitals, imaging centers, and independent radiology practices.  We believe that we could play a vital role in helping your organization with the following:

  • Solution design and configuration
  • Vendor evaluation and selection
  • Contract negotiation
  • Project management
  • Implementation and interfacing
  • Training and ongoing support
  •  Infrastructure, networking and application hosting
Unified Radiology Platform

During the assessment phase, we will help your radiology practice leaders evaluate different technologies from a clinical, operational and financial perspective. 

Our core objective is to provide an unbiased set of recommendations that will allow your organization to progress into a Unified Radiology Platform. We will review the different options for these products, review their costs, and discuss and establish the proper implementation strategy for the entire system. This engagement will cover several critical topics and strategies, designed to help your team uncover and address current and future IT needs.  

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