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Single-lifetime Solution For Your AI Needs

Experience the future of AI-powered imaging with our single-lifetime solution that will revolutionize your radiology requirements. Canopy Partners provides a comprehensive AI platform that is meticulously assembled, strategically compiled and integrated into clinical practice to enhance healthcare outcomes and maximize ROI. With a demonstrated history of reshaping the field of radiology, our nationwide reach enables us to provide competitive pricing for our partners. When we join our AI technology with your radiologists, we optimize your healthcare system’s operations and elevate the quality of patient care.

Case Studies
AI Program
Financial Return
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Case Studies

“This partnership has been a win for the patient, it’s been a win for us operationally from a cost point of view. It’s been a win for the radiologist in managing their huge number of cases and prioritizing for them.”
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Dr. Mary Jo Cagle

CEO, Cone Health


AI and Radiology

“AI, alongside radiologists, is shaping the future of healthcare by enhancing efficiency and improving patient care. Together, we’re not just adopting technology but providing more productive solutions, all while building the trust and collaboration with our clients and partners.”
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Dr. Hetal Patel

President, Greensboro Radiology

Imaging AI Tools

“Our AI tools’ enhanced detection capabilities give radiologists the ability to further elevate our service to the clinical care team and most importantly, to the patients we are caring for together.”
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Dr. Sriyesh Krishnan

Director of Innovation Development, Radiology Partners


Our Acute AI Program

Our program has been carefully curated for your organization and clinically integrated to improve healthcare outcomes and drive ROI.

Partnership on All Steps of Your AI Journey

We specialize in full scope change management and offer support at every step of the journey from implementation to training and continuous support.

Curated Algorithms

There are dozens of companies trying to develop algorithms and get products cleared to FDA market, but who is thinking about effectively integrating these into the radiology workflow? This is what makes us different.

Validate & Revalidate

It’s not enough to just have AI algorithms. We validate algorithms across data sets, different EMR and IT environments to make sure the results are reliable. Then, we continue to revalidate the data to make sure the data doesn’t drift.

IT Implementation

Our experienced team walks alongside clients from concept to implementation of integrated technology solutions.

Training & Change Management

AI is still new in health systems, and there is not a lot of experience with implementation or resources. We can help train your radiologists, techs, referring physicians and care navigators.

IT Support 24/7/365

We offer ongoing support when you need it. By filling that gap, we allow your team to continue with your core business, requiring less additional FTE hires.

Manage Multiple Vendors

Canopy Partners is the right partner with a strategy to manage multiple vendors behind the scenes.

Care Coordination & Follow-Up

We monitor effective communication and provide follow-up support after hospital discharge, resulting in better patient outcomes and less leakage.

Customer Success Management

We’re dedicated to providing continued support that helps the AI program succeed, including a roadmap for the future with new technology advancements.

Financial Return on AI Suite (with only 3 algorithms)

200K Health System achieved 1.7X return from increased admissions alone.

Our clients have seen reduction in inpatient length of stay, increase in appropriate admissions and interventions and increased reimbursement.



Additional Contribution
Margin 25%



Additional Contribution
Margin 25%



Additional Contribution
Margin 25%

These estimates do not include Medical Malpractice which could turn out to be the biggest impact of all!

Package Options

All package options come with an AI Infrastructure which includes algorithm validation, algorithm curation, evaluation, onboarding training, software maintenance, monitoring and more.

Essentials Package

AI Infrastructure

  • Intracranial Hemorrhage
  • Pulmonary Embolism (PE)
  • Incidental Pulmonary
  • Embolism (IPE)
  • Rib Fractures
  • C-Spine Fractures
  • Vascular Occlusion
  • Brain Aneurysm
  • Free air
  • Aortic Dissection*
  • ETT*
  • FFR*
  • Fractures on Xray*

Enhanced Package

Essentials Package


Outpatient Screening Basic

  • 3D Mammography
  • Lung Nodules (TBD)
  • Prostate Screening

Cardiac Care Coordination

  • PE
  • Aortic Dissection
  • Follow-ups included


Enhanced Package


Outpatient Screening

  • Osteoporosis screening*
  • Vertebral compression fracture*
  • Cardiac Screening*
  • Quantitative plaque*
  • CAC
  • Bone Lesions
  • Liver Lesions
  • Neuro screening

Neuro Care Coordination

  • Stroke
  • ICH*
  • Follow-ups included

Enterprise Package

Premium Package


Outpatient Operations

  • MRI and PET Throughput
  • Patient and Referring
  • Experience*

Vascular Care Coordination

  • DVT*
  • AAA
  • Follow-ups included

Outpatient Package

AI Infrastructure


Outpatient Screening Basic


Outpatient Screening Advanced


Outpatient Operations

*These options will be available soon.


AI Infrastructure

AI Algorithm Validation

RPX data distribution and

Onboarding training for radiologists
and techs (as necessary)

Continuous learning and peer
learning for AI best practices

Monitoring of AI engagement by users

Continuous validation and market scanning
for AI (even those validated)

Support and maintenance of software

Performance and customer success

Reimagine Imaging
with Canopy Partners

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