Define the Project Scope Before the Project Begins

One of the primary purposes of project management is to set the implementation foundation by outlining the scope of the solution purchased and the services provided to implement them. It is important that all project team members and senior management have a clear definition of the project’s scope before the project begins. This enables project management to set appropriate expectations as well as effectively manage any proposed additions/changes that may arise during the course of the project.

“The amount of work they saved us from vendor calls and long Webex demo sessions, and maximizing the ability to compare and contrast products was substantial.”
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Mike Brown, MD

Former Managing Partner, Carolina Radiology

Project Scoping is designed to:

  • Document the agreement between Client executive sponsor, the project sponsors, the project managers, and the project team members.
  • Provide a clear delineation of what each project team (Canopy and Client) is committed to deliver
  • Provide a baseline for Project scope, assumptions, and expectation management
  • Outline the process for documenting and communicating changes in scope, time, & cost to all parties.
  • Define the project’s organizational structure, including the project team roles (for both Canopy Partners and Client) needed to implement the Solution at this site.
  • Define the high-level project timeline

Our primary solution objective, in-line with Canopy’s Mission Statement, “Partnering to create innovative, personalized solutions to enhance healthcare”. Canopy and clients will achieve this objective through a collaborative effort focusing on an effective implementation that will be a joint effort to increase quality of interpretation across the client’s sites while decreasing turn around times and enhancing patient care.

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