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Canopy Partners works in partnership with radiology departments and teams to streamline and enhance the clinical reading process for greater speed, efficiency and accuracy. With our profound understanding of technology solutions and the imaging industry, we assist clients in optimizing their workflow, processes and overall performance through tailor-made strategies. Together, we create a roadmap for your desired future, drawing on our extensive industry experience gained from collaborating with over 130 radiology clients in 28 states.

“We distinguish ourselves through our experienced and diverse team of radiology experts who uniquely understand the workflow and customize a range of AI solutions to meet the specific needs of hospitals. Our commitment lies in cultivating genuine partnerships, prioritizing patient well-being and streamlining operations to reduce costs.”
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John Bauman

VP, Imaging IT Solutions, Canopy Partners

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Picture Archiving and Communication Systems are the backbone of modern Radiology. PACS systems are robust solution sets intended to house, recall and archive medical imaging file formats.

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AI Solutions

Our AI program has been carefully curated for your organization and clinically integrated to improve healthcare outcomes and drive ROI.  

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Speech Recognition Service

We utilize advanced enterprise level speech recognition software that empowers radiologists to be more fluid an efficient in their dictations. We offer scalable VR solutions with the flexibility to customize workflows and maintain functional control.  

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Vendor Neutral Archiving

VNA is one of the fastest adopting technologies in healthcare. VNA facilitates full life-cycle management of medical imaging content: DICOM images, visible light, and unstructured data (pdf’s, jpegs, videos, etc), at a fraction of the cost of traditional PACS. 

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Unified Worklist

Proper workflow services play a crucial role in both the daily working life and business needs of a radiology group. With streamlined Radiology functionality, it’s possible for any practice to become leaner, better functioning and highly effective.  

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