Independent IT Scoping Engagement Designed To Optimize Your Radiology Workflow and Productivity

IT Assessment Overview

Canopy Partners provides strategic radiology IT assessments for hospital imaging departments, radiology groups and outpatient imaging centers. We serve as independent, trusted advisors for our clients. Our team of consultants will assess your radiology IT environment and provide you with an objective summary of our key findings and recommendations. We will identify current gaps and deficiencies, helping your team develop a roadmap for future investments and provide recommendations to give your business a competitive edge. Canopy Partners has helped enterprise medical imaging organizations from coast to coast improve their productivity and efficiency by as much as 20%. This results in a healthier bottom‐line, improved patient care and a better overall work environment.

Providers are looking for more ways to leverage technology to become more efficient, add value and improve patient care.  We stand ready to help your organization with an independent objective IT assessment.
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Stephen Willis

VP on Advanced Technology Solutions

Scope of a Medical Imaging IT Assessment

Medical Imaging IT assessments can cover a wide variety of IT topics and strategies. We will customize the project scope to meet the specific needs of our clients, but here are a few examples of topics we are able to evaluate:

  • Strategic initiatives (planning for major IT projects, such as joint ventures, unified worklists, clinical decision support, radiology analytics, etc.)
  • Evaluation of your radiology tech stack (PACSVRVNA, etc)
  • Redundant or deficient applications
  • IT staffing and support needs
  • Evaluation of key IT vendors and partners
  • Radiologist workflow optimization analysis
  • Outpatient imaging operations
  • Referring physician touchpoints (inbound orders, report delivery, comm notes, CDS, systems integration, HL7 interfaces)
  • Patient engagement processes (scheduling, eligibility verification, payment estimation, preauthorization)
  • Infrastructure environment (read stations, hardware, security, connectivity, etc.)
  • Project management needs
  • Future vision and priorities (investments and resources needed to keep your organization current with imaging technology advancements and future growth opportunities)
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