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Transitioning software platforms on an enterprise level system is no simple task. There are concerns about data integrity, loss, security and time.  Practices looking to make a change from one PACS to another or from PACS to VNA have to consider data migration as part of the process.  It’s important that when selecting a new software platform, groups factor in the importance of proper data management.  Working with a dedicated partner ensures that your data concerns are as important to them as they are to you. 

Canopy Partners offers the right resources and the right technology to safely and effectively handle your data conversion.

Imaging data is unique in its format and because we understand the nature of radiology, our team takes the right steps handle your migration safely and securely.  We are an essential resource for your imaging data migration project.  You can rely on our professional experience in enterprise PACS, VNA and all other Radiology systems, to handle your data securely.

“Radiology is so technology dependent now with multiple systems, that you really need the expertise to integrate all those systems together to make an efficient, effective workflow that’s going to deliver value in the end. I think Canopy helps Radiology groups become the center of the imaging workflow.”
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Worth Saunders

CEO, Canopy Partners

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