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The move from fee for service to value based care, will continue to have monumental effects throughout the health industry.  Radiology, as an early adapter and champion of new technologies, is leading the way in advanced patient care.  Thorough and artful structuring of internal IT systems can yield extreme productivity and streamlined workflow.  Radiology groups that are able to recognize and capitalize on shifts in healthcare, stand a far greater chance to not only remain independent, but position themselves as pillars of excellence throughout their region. 

Canopy Partners offers an extremely robust and full suite of Radiology IT products and services.

When effectively utilized, these solutions provide the ultimate advantage for patient care throughout the area, what we have termed a ‘Regional Imaging Timeline’.  Canopy Partners efforts are geared toward how to provide the most effective and targeted imaging care, throughout a patient’s treatment cycle. With a regionally united PAC System, physicians can immediately access relevant prior studies, regardless of which facility administered the exam.  Unifying your organization’s Information technology and establishing a Regional Imaging Timeline is a cutting edge approach to higher quality in patient care and a standardized Radiology workflow.

“Working closely with Canopy Partners has been very very successful for us. Having all of those images stored into one large database that can easily be pulled back by the radiologist for comparison, as well as the referring physicians, it’s a big advantage. It’s all available on that timeline.”
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Chris DeAngelo

Director of Imaging Technology Alamance Regional Health Center

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