Cone Health Case Study

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Cone Health is a private, not-for-profit health system based in Greensboro, North Carolina, that was considering the use of AI in the clinical space.

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Cone Health looked to implement AI in patient care, particularly in radiology services, to improve operational efficiency, benefit both physicians and patients, and most importantly, enhance clinical outcomes.

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Canopy Partners provided a tailored solution that would introduce them to AI, starting with identifying incidental findings then expanding to improve the efficiency of identifying severe cases in radiology. This process involves clinicians in the clinical implementation of AI which is crucial, as they understand the workflow, ethics and costs associated with AI. AI compliments clinicians, empowering them to enhance patient care and collaborate among different specialties, resulting in a more efficient and comprehensive patient care plan.

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Dr. Mary Jo Cagle

CEO, Cone Health
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“AI in healthcare isn’t about replacing clinicians; it’s about empowering them to deliver better patient care. Our partnership with Canopy Partners has shown that when clinicians lead the way, AI becomes a tool for prioritizing patients’ needs, improving workflows and driving outcomes. It’s a triple win: for patients, operational efficiency and the dedicated radiologists managing countless cases. The future of healthcare is about these synergistic partnerships and it’s a home run for everyone involved.”

– Mary Jo Cagle, CEO and President at Cone Health

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