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Seamlessly Embed AI into Your Current Workflow

Using a combination of proprietary technologies and strategic partners, Canopy Partners is building the world’s most advanced imaging AI platform. More than 400 hospitals are seeing the benefits of our comprehensive suite of solutions which enhance patient care, improve clinical quality and reduce costs. Our AI embeds into your current workflow to help your health system:

  • Triage and prioritize emergency care
  • Improve diagnostic accuracy and early intervention
  • Reduce length of stay by 1–2 days (for PE and stroke)
  • Gain meaningful ROI
  • Reduce medical malpractice exposure
  • Improve workflow and reading time
  • Take advantage of national scale for attractive pricing and expertise

The core of our AI platform is built around Aidoc, the market leading artificial intelligence suite for acute care. By identifying critical findings earlier in the process, patients receive care more quickly, improving the likelihood of better outcomes and shorter hospital stays. This solution analyzes medical images directly after the patient is scanned and notifies radiologists of cases with suspected findings so time-sensitive, potentially life-threatening cases can be prioritized.

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96% Solution Accuracy Across Multiple Facilities


36.6% Improvement in Turnaround Time


5 Minutes from Scan to Notification

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